Metaluna - Nothing natural about Metaleuca toxins and chemicals made in China

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Total *** products all made in China.Loaded with GMO soy, sugar, sodium derivatives, chemicals (like SLS in shampoo, artificial sweeteners (more toxic chemicals) and highly processed junk including chemically modified ingredients (fractionated palm oil).

There is nothing natural or good for the environment in any of these products. Go to a real live independent health food store and you will see the difference in the ingredient lists. It's a crime to deceive people like this--and make money off of it to boot.

Get some education people and stop letting sharks like these take advantage of you.Yeah.

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Metaluna Interocitor Faulty

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I've been building an Interocitor from Metaluna Corp, and it came missing three pieces.

Of the 2486 components comprising an Interocitor, these three are missing from my kit:

Bead condenser (model #: AB-619)

Cathermin tube with inindium complex of +4

Intensifier disk

Despite repeated calls to tech support and an email I received that promised a call back from a Mister Exeter, I have not been able to actually contact anyone by phone. I've had this thing for three months now, and still no replacement parts have been forthcoming!

Metaluna Corp is a ripoff! I wanted this for my kid's science project, and the science fair is now over and my kid had to make a project about Gro-Lights and plants work in about a week. My kid got a C! WTF?!

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I got my interocitor kit at Ikea and had 4 pieces left over after assembling it!

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Hilarious. Someone loves This Island Earth and/or MST3k.


RTFM: "No interocitor part can be replaced. Bear this in mind when assembling." Should have checked the package over before signing.

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